Daniela DeLorenzo, a florentine artist, will present a photographic work concerned with the issue of identity. In this series of five self-portraits the absence of the face creates an estranging, distancing moment of perception. Departing from movements like sudden turns of the head, like when one is being distracted by something (this at least is what the title of this body of works suggests), time is either expanded to an infinite moment, or accelerated like a tornado, resulting in a loss of recognizability of the face and ultimately its vanishing.
Time is the protagonist also in the second set of works. A little girl caught in the moment of a joyful game is running in circles, whirls around 360′. The expanded time frame creates superexposed images. In the midst of the movement and chaos generated by the girl some elements remain fixed in photography. Frozen in an eternal presence, the grace of childhood appears to be suspended for a while before the promise of an unknown future. In both photographic panels circular movements itroduce, other than in usual two-dimensional imagery, a spatial dimension: they talk about a place for things to happen, a displacement of the body, about a third dimension.

Antonella Nicola Gallery
7th December 2000 – 3rd February 2001