Thomas Eller, born in Coburg (Germania), lives and works in New York. This exhibition will present works that unsettle the visitor at the moment of his first encounter of the objects, as they visually burst out of proportion into gigantic measures. The objects in the focus of attention are of every-day life quality, usually recognizable in their own context and dimension. The identity of objects normally is being established in the act of its recognition. The shift of perspective towards the gigantic however leads to a reversal: the object seemingly alive becomes the protagonist of a game of glances; the art work looks back at the spectator and recognizes him. In a reciprocal movement of back and forth the images open the relation with the space outside of themselves, rendering them to be rather sculptures than photography. The titles of Thomas Eller’s works are parallel descriptions of the complexity of his installations, the complex transition between reference and the referent in our relation to images. They are also an expression of a baroque wealth, an explosion of bounty and luxury. All these rigorously developed elements, the actual piece as well as the titles, render his work to be of precise significance.

Antonella Nicola Gallery
7th December 2000- 3rd February 2001