Non spigatemi perché la pioggia si trasforma in grandine

Non spigatemi perché la pioggia si trasforma in grandine: Lia Pantani and Giovanni Surace as the artists. The installation is made up of two parts: 200 kg of hand made enamelled fire-clay pellets cover the gallery floor. The noisy colours, as symbols of a feast, conceal a catastrophe, recalled by the shattering sound following each step. The objects whose danger clears up through fragility and noise. A perfectionism work, crazily accurate, hiding abundance and generosity gestures, which may vanish without leaving a trace. A sort of waste.
The writing originating from a rain water seepage on a plaster wall is a covert message: Un po’ è vero. A sensitive wall voicing a concept and whispering, its skin telling us a story, a memory, with traces being left, just like the gardens of mould behind the wardrobes.
Both works cherish the memory of a story, from which fears arose. They keep the essence of something happened while the outer shallow shape has deeply changed. 

Nicola Fornello Gallery / Antonella Nicola & Enrico Fornello, Prato
PANTANI SURACE, Non chiedetemi perché la pioggia si trasforma in grandine / PATRICK JOLLEY, REBECCA TROST E INGER LISE HANSEN, Here After
2004, March 26 – May 22

Pantani Surace, being working together since 1995, are concerned with the mutability of things and of the natural phenomena, and they act as a sort of contemporary alchemists.
Patrick Jolley, from Ireland, being working on the international and American scene for several years and present in the most important Film Festivals with his screen-works.