Patrich Jolley, Rebecca Trost and Inger Lise Hansen
Here After,

Here After arises from the co-operation among Patrich Jolley, Rebecca Trost and Inger Lise Hansen. In March 2003 they worked with the Breaking Ground and the Ballymun, which ordered them the job. A long enquiry was held, shooting was carried out and the film finally took shape. 

The project grew out of a shared interest in derelict locations. The artists used this interest as a basis to experiment with the physicality of the Shangan Blocks’s disused floors. Determined to use spaces related to the emptying out and eventual demolition of old Ballymun, they focused on the Shangan flats. With Super 8 and 16 mm film, and using only available light, they shot a black-and-white film, efficiently showing ruined empty spaces and the items left behind by former residents: an array of mattresses, an outdated chesterfield, an armchair, lace curtains, shelves, a computer monitor, dishes, carpeting, books, papers and other debris. Traces of the families that once lived here remain: stickers on the walls of children’s room, a lone jacket hanging in a hall closet, a vase in a kitchen window. These objects are in a kind of limbo, left behind, but not properly discarded: in this state things regain their lives and matter, ironically mixed with melancholy that commonly involves places handed over to the past. In the film the rooms and the whole house are lived by unlived things. The whole situation is absurd and comical at the same time, rendering these awkward objects utterly anthropomorphic. In similar sequences a stack of mattresses shivers and quakes, linoleum tiles rise up and scramble across the floor, carpets breathe, a sofa regurgitates its stuffing. A lifeless and lonely place starts to take on new life, charged with energy though devoid of humans.

Nicola Fornello gallery / Antonella Nicola & Enrico Fornello, Prato
Patrich Jolley, Rebecca Trost and Inger Lise Hansen, Here After / Pantani Surace, Non chiedetemi perché la pioggia si trasforma in grandine
From 26th March to 22nd May 2004

On Friday 26th March at 6 p.m. the gallery is going to open two personal shows:
Patrick Jolley, from Ireland, being working on the international and American scene for several years and present in the most important Film Festivals with his screen-works.
Pantani Surace, being working together since 1995, are concerned with the mutability of things and of the natural phenomena, and they act as a sort of contemporary alchemists.